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Tracy P. Jong, ESQ

Tracy Jong Law Firm Has Moved!

Tracy Jong has merged with Evans Fox LLP and Jong Patent Firm has launched. Headed by Cheng-Ning Jong, Jong Patent Firm will be focusing exclusively on patents and technology protection. Looking for Tracy Jong law services? Tracy Jong has joined Evans Fox LLP! Evans Fox is a full-service law firm. Tracy can continue to offer business law and transaction services, liquor law, cannabis law, trademark and intellectual property. She can also assist with family law, litigation, commercial real estate, criminal law, wealth preservation and estate planning, and dispute matters. Contact Tracy Jong at

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Tracy Jong is a Senior Attorney of the firm. Tracy graduated cum laude from SUNY at Buffalo and Touro Law School. In addition to a doctorate of law, Tracy has scientific and technical training in the chemical arts as well as 27 years’ experience in private legal practice and government administration. She is a member of the Business Law and Intellectual Property Sections of the New York State and Monroe County Bar Associations. Tracy volunteers and serves on the Board of Directors for Story of Hope Comfort Care Home. She is also an active member of the Rochester Professional Consultants Group, the Greater Rochester Area Women’s Bar Association, and the Rochester Intellectual Property Law Association. Tracy is an instructor and author for PDHengineer, which provides online continuing education courses for professional engineers and surveyors in several areas of patent, commercial real estate and IP law.

Overview & Experience

Tracy Jong is registered to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) (Registration No.: 56105), the Western District and Southern District of New York (federal court) and the State Bar of New York. Tracy’s focus is to assist wholesalers, manufacturers, importers and retailers in state and federal liquor licensing, labeling and in the license renewal process. She represents clients in matters involving violations and suspension before the State Liquor Authority. She has expanded her practice to include assisting clients in the cannabis business with licensing and regulatory compliance matters. She has years of experience in all aspects of intellectual property and branding, US and foreign trademark preparation and prosecution and copyright procurement. She has worked with new and mature companies alike as a technology-related consult and has assisted with strategy development. Tracy prides herself on being a resource from cradle to grave assisting start-ups, entrepreneurs, students, faculty and small to mid-sized businesses to commercialize and protect ideas.

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